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Strong ethical values, affirmed and perennial

Bottu has built its strength around five core values : passion for work, rigor, excellence, ethics and solidarity. Placed at the heart of our approach, these values are carried with conviction and passion by all of our employees.

Passion for work

Our passion for work allows us to respond with great efficiency to the challenges of our mission. We constantly strive to organize and promote this passion.


Governs all of our thoughts, actions and decisions. It ensures the efficiency of our working methods and strengthens our involvement.


Well established in our culture, the continuous search for quality allows us to be both effective and efficient.  


Our ethics requires honesty and transparency at all the levels of our business. It commits us to scrupulously respect the ethical rules and codes of conduct which govern our profession.


Solidarity is inherent in our everyday personal and professional relationships. It helps to strengthen our mutual support and to bond our humanism.