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A dynamic, attractive and evolutive HR policy

Striving to be dynamic, our policy of human resources management promotes the professional development of our employees, the continuous improvement of their employability and their personal fulfillment. It revolves around four major themes

A proven recruitment policy based on equality of opportunities

At Bottu, we consider recruitment as a strategic decision which has a long-term impact on our success and that of our employees. Furthermore, we do our best to ensure that our relationship with our candidates is marked by clarity and sincerity, and that their selection process is conducted with the utmost rigor and professionalism. Beyond the criteria of basic training and required skills for filling vacant positions, we recruit ambitious high-potential candidates; the aim being to involve them in a lasting relationship that supports their development at the same pace of our activities..

A training policy which supports development skills  

At Bottu, we position training as a lever for the development and motivation of human capital. This is a major area in which we are committed to initiate and maintain a process of permanent adaptability of our collaborators to the current and future requirements of their functions. Taking a proactive approach, we propose several specific and targeted training programs,  allowing participants to develop their technical and behavioral skills in order to effectively and independently perform the tasks and activities assigned to them.

An internal mobility which supports self fulfillment

We pay special attention to promotion and internal mobility. Our approach places each of our employees in an evolutionary posture and promotes career openings in a fair and transparent manner. In this framework, we guarantee a learning work environment and a personalized coaching and mentoring situation ; The aim being to enable everyone to develop his faculties of conversion and evolution.

A fair and motivating compensation system

Bottu owes its success to the commitment and involvement of its women and men employees. Therefore, we consider compensation as a key component of our strategy for the mobilization and retention of our skilled collaborators. Our attractive compensation packages and various benefits reward equitably individual and collective efforts while encouraging our employees to focus their attention on the goals of success and value creation.