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Bottu's development, which is always in continuous progression, is essentially due to the women and men who work, with such rigour and passion, to achieve the growth objectives.

It is in this spirit that Human Capital Management, integrated as a strategic axis in Bottu's global policy and based on our five values, aims to stimulate and perpetuate the culture of excellence that has characterised us for 70 years.

The commitments arising from the Human Capital Management policy are based on the following five priorities :

The Search for Performance 

We take care to promote a culture of performance on a daily basis among our employees, who are in turn the relays for it internally and externally.

Recognition and Motivation  

Being in search of performance also means knowing how to recognise and reward it. In this sense, we make remuneration a main lever for motivating and retaining our employees.

Skills Development

In a logic of proactive adaptability, we place the development of skills at the forefront of our concerns, so that each person has the knowledge and attitudes that enable him to succeed in the missions entrusted to him.

Career and Self-Achievement

As part of an anticipatory management approach, we pay particular attention to internal promotion. We place each of our employees in an evolutionary posture that promotes career openings in a transparent and equitable manner.

Quality of Life at Work

In line with our Health and Safety certification, we work every day to improve and maintain a healthy, safe and stimulating working environment for everyone.