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An innovative and progressive products range

Bottu’s activity is based on a solid portfolio of innovative, diversified, accessible and high notoriety products.

. Innovative since they meet the evolving needs of patients as well as the preoccupations of health care professionals ;

. Diversified because they cover a wide range of therapeutic areas ;

. Accessible to everyone because they are offered at the right price, both in Morocco and abroad ;

. With high notoriety because they are among the best or; otherwise stand as the market leader in their therapeutic areas.  

So as to expand its range and better meet the challenges of its mission, Bottu manufactures, packages, represents and distributes, under license, products from other pharmaceutical companies within the framework of partnership agreements.

Doliprane is Bottu’s most successful product. Thanks to its therapeutic qualities and competitive price, one of the lowest in the market, it ranks first both in value and units sold in Morocco.



An active presence in the dynamic therapeutic areas 

Our range of products covers the major therapeutic classes with over 300 specialties.

  • Central nervous system 
  • > Infectious diseases and Parasitology
  • > Cardiology and metabolism
  • > Gastroenterology
  • Breathing apparatus
  • > Rheumatology and Traumatology
  • > Urogenital system
  • > Ophtalmology
  • > Dermatology
  • > Homeopathy
  • > Nutritional supplements
  • > Oncology