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A noble mission

With the highest ethical, moral and professional standards, Bottu has committed itself to take care of human health since 1952. This commitment has led us to propose a wide range of pharmaceutical and para-pharmaceutical products of very high quality, low price and recognized benefit.

The expertise of our staff, the performance of our industrial facilities, the efficiency of our process of work and the relevance of our strategy allows us today to intervene in the entire value chain of medicinal drugs : development, manufacturing, representation and distribution.

To honor this commitment 
  • We are very attentive to compliance with all legal, regulatory and normative provisions which govern our activities 
  • We are committed to make our medicines accessible to the largest number, both in Morocco and worldwide 
  • We place performance development and customer satisfaction at the center of our preoccupations 
  • We make sure to put sustainable development at the heart of our business and to fully assume our social responsibility with regards to our employees, our customers, our partners and our environment.
A clear mission

Based on strong values, our vision is designed to ensure the harmonious and sustainable development of our pharmaceutical company, reconciling the valuation of our human capital, strengthening our position in Morocco and accelerating our international deployment.