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A noble mission

With the highest ethical, moral and professional standards, Bottu has been committed, since 1952, to caring for human health. This commitment leads it to offer a wide range of very high quality pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical products, at affordable prices and with recognized benefits.



Our strategic guidelines are the targets that Bottu has set itself for the short and medium term and through which the operational and support policies will be delivered.

Strategic guidelines

Bottu has drawn the following three strategic guidelines :

  • Diversifying our product portfolio towards new therapeutic areas and new pharmaceutical forms : We are committed to investing in product development and innovation to conquer new market segments ; 
  • Developing our international positioning : We are committed to developing new organizational and partnership models to strengthen our presence in Africa and other high-potential regions of the world ; 
  • Strengthening our human capital and our organization to adapt to new requirements and market developments : We are committed to retaining and developing our human capital by developing our "Employer Brand" and skills.

Our Vision is the vocation that Bottu has chosen for the long and medium term. It defines the framework in which future strategic guidelines will be drawn.
In a promising pharmaceutical sector marked by changing distribution and consumption patterns, Bottu, with its expertise, ethics, brand image and partnerships, has set itself the vision of being :

  • A major player in the pharmaceutical industry in Morocco ;
  • Strong international presence ;
  • Committed in the sustained development of its know-how towards new niches.