Quality assurance

The approach, we are firmly committed to, aims to secure a high level of quality in our products and seeks to prevent any risk of abnormality, either upstream or downstream of the production chain.

Quality control

To ensure optimum quality control of our products, we have four quality control units equipped with highly advanced apparatus and analytical tools. Skilled and rigorous, our analysts unremittingly scrutinize all of our production line inputs and outputs.


We perform planned and monitored self-inspections at least two times a year in order to assess the degree of compliance of all our processes to our internal procedures, to good manufacturing practices and to normative, regulatory and legal requirements. Identified anomalies are subject to corrective measures.


To optimize the quality and safety of our products, we have made a major commitment to traceability. Upstream, it provides reliable identification of all our inputs and suppliers. Internally, it helps us to define all the steps of the manufacturing process. Downstream, it allows us at any moment to trace the history of any of our products and to pinpoint each batch by following its destination and expiration date.

Audits by our pharmaceutical principals

The added value of our pharmaceutical principals is undeniable for the continuous improvement of our quality management system. This is why we pay particular attention to the audits they perform according to their own standards. Constantly listening to their issues and constraints, we endeavor to propose relevant solutions in order to sustain win-win partnerships on a mutually beneficial basis.

Inspection of health authorities

Regulatory compliance of our products with the requirements of good manufacturing practice is regularly assessed by the health authorities. Certified by the delivery of GMP Compliance Certificates, the routine inspections do confirm the effectiveness of our quality management and the excellence of our products.